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Zen Dog Rescue

Happy Tails

Tula's  story was first cross posted to me from my daughter. She was a sad little girl on the short list in an Alabama shelter.  She was first brought in to that shelter as a stray when she was a puppy. She was adopted and then returned when she became HW positive.  She had 2 large scars on her neck and shoulder that appeared to be burns that were never vetted. I knew I had room for her in my heart and immediately volunteered to foster her. It took 2 weeks to finally get her on a transport, but some kind person pulled her from the shelter and loved her until she put Tula on the transport.  She is a tough little dog and was amazing throughout her very painful  treatments. The hard part was trying to keep her quiet during that 3 months. Tula just wanted to play. She never met a person, dog, or cat she didn't love and want to play with. When her treatments were over, a really nice couple came to see her and to decide if she would fit into their little famliy. It was love all around at first meeting. I couldn't have special ordered a better family than Catherine, Keith and Freddie (her new dog brother). By all accounts she is thriving and has the wonderful life she has always deserved.  I am a volunteer foster for H.O.P.E Safehouse. H.O.P.E Safehouse is the rescue that agreed to sponser her and pay her vet bills. They have helped save many animals that might have been thought of as hopeless cases.       Ann N. / Wisconsin
Dolly (renamed Lolli-Lollipop) was an owner surrender at the senior age of 7.  Her owner turned her over to animal control when Dolly refused to hunt any longer!  Dolly a pure breed Brittany Spaniel wasn't showing well in animal control and the a/c manager took pity on Dolly and contacted a rescue group asking if they could possibly find a home for the beautiful but painfully shy dog.  Dolly was transported to Wisconsin from Missouri (and into the hearts of her new foster family) by wonderful volunteers who offer to drive "legs" of the trip until the dog reaches their destination.   Dolly having already been traumatized by all the sudden changes in her life was quickly adopted by foster family and is settling into her new life with her "sisters" Sadie, a yellow lab and Isabelle, a gordon setter.