Bowser on a budget

  • Brush your dogs teeth every day.  At-home dental items are minor in cost compared to professional dental cleanings. Savings: $400
  • Become your dog's stylist.  Learn how to clip nails, clean ears, trim fur and even express anal glands.  Grooming cost savings: $300
  • Purchase pet insurance.  Unexpected and costly emergencies can happen.  My 3 1/2 year old Border collie/mix has already had two costly CCL surgeries.  Each surgery was $2200.00  Had I purchased the insurance a large chunk of each surgery would have been covered.
  • Add veggies to his daily diet.  Adding things like carrots, green beans, and sweet potatoes to Fido's food will help him feel full and save you money on his kibble. 
  • Workout with your dog.  Save on that expensive gym membership by working out with your best friend, your dog.  Run, walk, hike or try Doga (Yoga with your dog.)  Cost savings:  $500/year.
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  Hero who never made it out of animal control. July/2009